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For Delta, Corporate Social Responsibility means more than just being an effective business, it is also about leveraging our core capabilities to give back to society and make concrete contributions to the environment.

As Delta we are constantly improves energy efficiency of our products and helps our customers realize energy and cost savings. We have helped our customers save nearly 9.1 billion kWh of electricity and have reduced carbon emissions by 4.9 million tons of CO2e from 2010 to 2012.

Delta deploys energy management in the daily operations of our sites around the world. In July, 2011, Delta's Dongguan plant in China became the first power and components electronics enterprise in the world to officially pass the conformity evaluation for the Energy Management System of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 50001. Our Thailand plant also passed ISO 50001 certification that September, making it the first company in Thailand to do so. The efforts of Delta employees at our global sites as well as Delta's implementation of energy-saving solutions saw our electricity intensity (electricity consumption per unit of output value) drop by 34% compared to 2009.

Ever since Delta built its first green building/ factory at the Tainan Science Park in 2006, Delta has understood that green buildings can effectively reduce environmental and ecological impact. A Diamond-Rated Green Building, the office was the first building in Taiwan awarded the certification for all nine indicators of Taiwan Ministry of Interior's Green Building EEWH Rating System. The office not only consumes less energy and water but gives colleagues a healthier and more comfortable work environment. With this good example, we have promised since then that all newly constructed Delta buildings will only be green buildings.

The Delta Taoyuan Technology Center, completed at the end of 2011, showcases our company's new energy-saving and industrial automation products, control systems and solutions. This green building also makes use of PV systems, LED lighting, water resource processing and renewable energy equipment. The energy-saving installations save 53% on electricity use and cut water consumption by 75%.

Delta is not only committed to building only green offices/plants, but also to only donating green buildings. A good example is the Min-Chuang elementary school that Delta helped rebuild in Kaohsiung County's Namasia District after Typhoon Morakot. The school is 65% more energy efficient than conventional school buildings of the same size. By using Delta's PV and wind power generation systems, the school library can achieve "sustainable zero energy consumption" while it provides students with a comfortable and green learning environment. In addition, Delta sponsored four consecutive Delta Cup International Solar Building Design Competitions (2007-2013), and reconstructed the Sichuan Delta School based on the winning design for 2009.

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