• Control Room
  • Control Room
Kochi’s Intelligent Traffic Management System (ITMS) equipped with Delta Display Solutions

Traffic Project in Ahmedabad, India(Puthur)Delta, a leading provider of video wall solutions, has successfully installed Ultra Narrow Bezel LCD Video wall at the first Intelligent Traffic Management System (ITMS) in the state of Kochi. The project aims to help Kochi Police improve the city's traffic movement by analyzing the traffic flow in real and utilizing the data to avoid traffic congestion. ITMS will encourage seamless mobility in the region that has a division of various transport functions such as metro rail, private buses, and more. Delta installed its 46” LCD Video wall at Traffic Control Center in India helping the operators for situational awareness, analysis and rationale decision which is imperative to maintain the highway traffic flow in a secured way. Delta's 24x7 display solutions’ innovative endeavors enable the crucial control rooms to analyze the situation correctly and to guaranty safety.

Application Information
Application Type Intelligent Traffic Management System
Location India
Products 55” LCD Video Wall
QTY Installed 18 Nos.