• Control Room
  • Control Room
Monitoring of Hefei City traffic aided by Delta’s Display Solutions

Hefei traffic management room
Delta, a pioneer in display and monitoring solutions, successfully installed its display solutions at Hefei Traffic Command Centre, China. Delta provided an updated 67inches DLP® Video wall comprising 5 rows × 11columns for the 2nd phase of Hefei Intelligent Command Center. This display solution integrated with Delta’s advanced Distributive Vision Control Systems (DVCS®) gives operators’ remote access to control surveillance cameras, signal invocation and alarm trigger signals. With the help of this Delta display solution the users are able to view and monitor the operations, enabling a highly centralized and integrated traffic command center.

Application Information
Application Type Traffic
Location China
Products DLP® Rear Projection LED LIT Video walls, DVCS® Controller
Size 67"
Resolution SXGA+
QTY Installed Video wall: 55 Nos.(11 x 5)
DVCS® Controller: 192 Sets