• Control Room
  • Control Room

India’s first Traffic Management Center equipped with Delta’s Video walls

Traffic Management Control Room
Delta, a pioneer in providing innovative video wall solutions, partnered with Pan Intellecom Ltd. to install its 24/7 seamless Video Wall at the Bangalore Traffic Management Center at Traffic Police Head Quarters to monitor city traffic. The 83’ x 11’ Delta Video wall will help Bangalore traffic police to manage and respond to traffic woes promptly and investigate incidents causing accidents and damages incurred.

“Large displays were needed to monitor the Surveillance Cameras installed across the city. The role of Video Wall system was pivotal and the latest High Definition rear projection technology was the need-of-the-hour. We trusted on Delta for their extensive experience and expertise in the display Industry. Furthermore, Delta’s huge product portfolio consists of a solution to fit every need. With this traffic management center, less traffic congestion and better road development is expected in the city.” Commented Mr. Harbir Singh, Pan Intellecom Ltd

Application Information
Application Type Traffic
Location India
Products LED lit DLP Video walls, ICON Pro Display Controller
Size 70"
Resolution Full HD
QTY Installed 64 Nos.