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July 2021

Role of Command & Control Centre in safe operations of the Metro Rail systems

Rail Analysis India Interviews Mr. Hemant Agarwal, Business Head, Display Solutions, Delta Electronics India Pvt. Ltd. on how Delta Displays is supporting efficient functioning of Metro Rail Systems.

Role of Command & Control Centre in safe operations of the Metro Rail systems

What is the role of Command & Control Centre in safe operations of the Metro Rail systems?

The Operation Command & Control Centre serves as the main location from which all aspects of the Metro Rail systems are controlled and operational decisions made. The centre also serves as the exclusive point of coordination for all operational decisions affecting metrorail service.

Most metros require the OCC to be operational 24/7, and hence robust systems are used in the centre. One such system is large video walls or screen that help in monitoring the entire system and hosting critical decisions during service interruptions.

What are the solutions Delta India is offering for efficient functioning of the Metro Rail industry?

Delta Displays is a pioneer in developing professional displays for control rooms in Metro and Rail industry. Right from 4K and Full HD Laser video walls for operation control centres (OCC) to LED Displays for Passenger Information Display System (PIDS), Delta offers a complete solution to meet each and every specific requirement of the Railways and Metro Sector.

"With the choicest range ofdisplay solutions, Delta Displays is well positioned to support metro-rail projects across the globe. Our product portfolio for the Metro and Railway market is optimized for 24x7 use in mission-critical applications that support in keeping the train system running. The technological leadership and expertise in DLP® and other display technologies have been key factors in successfully executing numerous display solutions around the world.

Can you highlight some projects you have undertaken successfully in the above sphere?

Delta has a strong global reference base in the Railway Industry by making use of its latest and most innovative display solution for monitoring operations. Delta has executed some of the most prestigious projects across world including the world’s biggest video wall for a railway control room in China. Talking about India, we have made a strong presence in the Metro-rail industry, having installed video wall solutions in most of the Metros, including Bangalore Metro, Delhi Metro, Lucknow Metro, Greater-Noida Metro, Nagpur Metro, Mumbai Metro, Navi Mumbai Metro to name a few. Last year we installed video wall of over 110sqm for a dedicated freight corridor control room. With a large number of installations across India, Delta has proven its technology dominance in Metro and railway industry. We are very well placed in new projects, which are coming up in this year as we have a phenomenal record of accomplishment in Metros where our products have been found to be extremely reliable.

Any new innovation & technology for the Metro Rail systems you would like to share with us?

Delta has always been dedicated towards innovation and systematically developing new products and technologies, thereby making it a leader in technological innovations. The latest revolution being 4K (UHD) Laser Video Wall for the transportation, smart city and surveillance market. Delta 4K Laser Video Wall offers 4 times higher canvas than a standard Full HD Video wall. With eight Mega pixel display, the UHD Laser Video wall gives remarkable content clarity, and is ideal for current and expanding requirements of large-scale visualization systems. What could be monitored on 64 Full HD Video Walls, can now be monitored on 16 4K video walls only.

With the help of Delta Video Wall Controllers, the operators are able to capture, display and manage varied sources on the Video Wall. The controllers are flexible enough to display local applications, network-streamed desktops, and direct connected DVI, RGB and video inputs – anywhere, and of any size on the wall, for all 24x7 operations.