80" Xtra Slim 4K Laser Video wall

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80" Xtra Slim 4K Laser Video wall

60 Inch HD Video-Wall CubeThe 80" 4K Laser Video wall is a rear projection, 4K video wall cube featuring a diagonal size of 80 inches (1771 x 996 mm image). Measuring ≤678mm in depth, the xtra slim Laser Series is highly compact and takes up literally no space in your control room. Hundreds of these can be assembled to create a large canvas, limited only by the size of your room. Laser Series boasts of advancements in technology which come to you from Delta’s decades of experience in this field. Delta’s Laser Series is equipped with eco-friendly laser diodes, which create stunning visuals and are energy efficient along with a long life, thereby making them virtually maintenance free.

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4K Resolution

4K Laser Video wall provides an unmatched 4K-UHD (3840 x 2160) resolution for a more clear and distinct picture quality. 4K resolution offers sharp image for monitoring even the finest details.

Pushing the limits of Brightness

Boasting of the highest brightness on offer, Delta’s laser series can achieve levels of over 2500 lumens. With 3 times more brightness than standard LED Video walls, there is no need for a dark control room, which in turn helps to reduce operator fatigue. On screen brightness of 300nits going upto as much as 1500nits can be achieved using different combination of screen types and sizes.

Small footprint saves expensive real estate

Measuring ≤638mm for a 80” diagonal 4K Cube, the new Xtra Slim Laser Cubes save on expensive real estate. This can contribute to huge savings for any organization. Also, it provides flexibility for use in small control rooms or in cramped spaces which need state-of-the-art display. Delta leads the industry with its slimmest Laser Cube having an added advantage of front access for maintenance.

Internal Hot swappable & Redundant Power Supplies

Delta houses its dual power supplies inside the cube, unlike competition, who use external power supplies making multiple cable management a nightmare. These power supplies are redundant and hot swappable ensuring long years of uninterrupted duty cycles.


Intelli-sense is an in-built unique and intelligent auto correction system to ensure enhanced system performance and long life without external intervention. Intelli-sense monitors various parameters of the system and automatically performs real-time adjustments to deliver optimum performance and reliability needed for a 24x7 system. Intelli-Sense is capable of alerting defined users via an active monitoring interface. Actions performed by Intelli-sense can also be observed using the active monitoring interface.

Long years of operation

The laser light source has a lifetime of more than 1,00,000 hours of 24x7 continuous operation. This translates into lower maintenance and a lower total cost of ownership. Driven in eco-mode, the light source can last 11 years or more. Not only the laser source, Delta has ensured that all the other active components like the colour wheel also have a life expectancy exceeding 1,00,000 hours. Colour wheels operate in dust free environments due to the sealed engine and are able to achieve lifespans of over 1,00,000 hours without the need of replacement.

Redundancy at multiple levels

Delta’s Laser Series ensures redundancy at multiple levels giving you the highest uptime. Redundancy of power supply, inputs, drivers and Laser light source (not only multiple Laser diodes but also multiple Laser banks) makes Delta laser series an ideal solution for 24x7 environments.

Perfect Convergence over time

Delta uses similar Laser banks for producing colours providing two distinct advantages:

a. No issues of convergence over time on the screens since colours are not produced by two different lasers
b. Failure of a laser diode of bank does not mean loss of any colour in the image.

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