UXGA Laser Video wall

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80" UXGA Laser Video wall

80 inch Laser video wallThe 80" Rear access Laser Video wall is a rear projection, Laser UXGA video wall cube featuring a diagonal size of 80 inches (1600 x 1200mm image). Powered by the latest single chip DLP® technology, it delivers exceptional image quality in an aspect ratio of 4:3. The laser DLP® Video wall offers an array of additional benefits – in increased performance, lower cost of ownership and energy saving. Boasting of a redundant light source and redundant power supply, Laser DLP® Video walls assure no downtime and is most suitable for spaces which demand 24/7 operations

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Laser Light source

Laser light source in Video walls offers brightest DLP® display exceeding 2400 Lumens (Almost 3 times of any competing light source). Laser DLP® Cubes from Delta achieve ≥ 98% brightness uniformity creating an industry benchmark

True Redundancy

Laser DLP Video wall ensures high levels of redundancy at all levels (Light Source Redundancy, Power Supply Redundancy, and display input redundancy) to ensure the highest Uptime in a 24x7 operating environment.


With Laser Video wall, Delta introduces first of its kind Intelli-sense, an in-built unique and intelligent auto correction system to ensure enhanced system performance and long life without external intervention.

IP6X Rated Projection Engines

Standard Cube brightness decays over the operating life due to accumulation of dust particles inside the projection engine. Laser DLP Cubes from Delta are equipped with state-of-the-art anti-dust design to ensure extreme of high brightness over its life time. This is industry’s only IP6X Certified Projection system.

High performance DLP image quality

Boasting of high Contrast ratios, (1,000,000:1), the 80" Rear Access Laser Video wall delivers crisp, sharp whites and deep dark blacks producing 3D-like images.

Pixel perfect uniformity

An auto-color calibration system continuously monitors sensors in real time and automatically adjusts the color temperature and brightness in a video wall, ensuring control room operators’ view a perfectly uniform image across the entire screen at all times.

Best-in-class reliability

The unique combination of DLP expertise, in-house design and Delta’s unrelenting drive for quality and perfection ensures the 80" Rear Access Laser Video wall delivers the highest levels of reliability.

Six-axis adjustment base for pixel-perfect alignment

The projection engine of 80" Rear Access Laser Video wall is mounted inside the cube on a six-axis adjustment base, which provides the ability to make precise geometric adjustments in six directions to obtain pixel-perfect alignment between individual cubes.

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