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55" Super Narrow Bezel LCD Video wall

Full HD video wall - 55 InchThe 55” Full HD video wall is powered with a LED light source featuring a diagonal size of 55 inches. The panel delivers an incomparable image quality, in terms of resolution, brightness (500nits) and contrast ratio with an extremely narrow bezel resulting in exceptional visual performance.

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Super Narrow Bezel LCD Video wall

Delta’s LCD video walls are designed to deliver even the largest images with stunning clarity with its super-slim bezel. Virtually Seamless bezel combined with LED light source brings you an excellent visual experience, in terms of resolution, brightness, contrast and viewing angles. The combination of rugged design and industrial-grade components can withstand the tough demands of industrial applications. Compared to conventional products, results show lower power consumption and long lifetime.

High Resolution

Available in Full HD resolutions, Delta’s high-resolution LCD video walls are ideal for demanding control room environments where image quality and accuracy are of utmost importance.

Wide Viewing Angle

Delta’s LCD video wall design is further engineered to provide a wide viewing angle of 178°, resulting in superior image quality and outstanding color uniformity.

LED Light Source

Delta’s LCD video walls are Eco friendly, as LED contains no mercury or other harmful materials. LED backlights reduce burn-in and ensure long life of the product with lower power consumption.

Diverse Inputs and Outputs

Delta’s LCD video walls are equipped with various connectivity ports to support various inputs/ outputs without requiring additional processors. DVI/ RGB/ Video/ HDMI ports available as standard inputs. Multiple options like RS232 are / IR Remote/IP are available for control.

Inbuilt Color Correction Circuit

To balance for color and brightness inconsistencies between various panels in a LCD video wall, Delta has an inbuilt color correction circuit using primary (RED, GREEN, BLUE) & secondary ( CYAN, MANGENTA, YELLOW) colors of each LCD to achieve perfect uniformity over the complete wall.

Unified Control Module

At the Core of each LCD display architecture lays a unified control box design that integrates and encapsulates the entire processing equipment and power module in one unit. This helps to make your LCD display highly fault tolerant offering low MTTR and high MTBF increasing the display system’s overall reliability, ease of operation and maintenance.

Web-based Control

Delta’s LCD video walls are accessible over the IP through browser / server architecture based software tool for monitoring, control and diagnostic purpose. This software provides the operator with direct feedback on the status of the system with multiple levels of alarms.


Delta’s scalable and expandable LCD panels are designed for a variety of applications such as control centers, NOC rooms, airports, conference rooms, public signage, etc to name a few and can be mounted vertically or horizontally to form one large display of any size.

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