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50" SXGA+ Front Access LED Video wall

LED Video wall - DVS-5070F9IA/ DVS-5070F9CAThe DVS-5070F9IA/ DVS-5070F9CA is a rear projection, LED-illuminated SXGA+ front access video wall cube featuring a diagonal size of 50 inches (1016 x 762mm image). Powered by the latest single chip DLP technology, the DVS-5070F9IA/ DVS-5070F9CA Video wall delivers exceptional image quality with a native resolution of 1400 x 1050 pixels in an aspect ratio of 4:3. Incorporating state-of-the-art LED technology as its light source, the DVS-5070F9IA/ DVS-5070F9CA Video wall offers you an array of additional benefits – both in increased performance and lower cost of ownership.

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LED-illumination in a Videowalls offers wider color gamut, 25% increase in perceptional brightness, improved brightness control, reduced artifacts, lower maintenance and because they contain no lead or mercury, they are more environment friendly.

High performance DLP image quality

Boasting of high Contrast ratios, (1,500,000:1), the DVS-5070F9IA/ DVS-5070F9CA Videowall delivers crisp, sharp whites and deep dark blacks producing 3D-like images.

Pixel perfect uniformity

An auto-color calibration system continuously monitors sensors in real time and automatically adjusts the color temperature and brightness in a Videowall ensuring control room operators view a perfectly uniform image across the entire screen at all times.

Best-in-class reliability

The unique combination of DLP expertise, in-house design and Delta’s unrelenting drive for quality and perfection ensures the DVS-5070F9IA/ DVS-5070F9CA Videowall delivers the highest levels of reliability.

Six-axis adjustment base for pixel-perfect alignment

The projection engine of DVS-5070F9IA/ DVS-5070F9CA Videowall is mounted inside the cube on a six-axis adjustment base, which provides the ability to make precise geometric adjustments in six directions to obtain pixel-perfect alignment between individual cubes.

Advanced screen design

The standard screen used on the DVS-5070F9IA/ DVS-5070F9CA Videowall offers unsurpassed contrast, wide viewing angles and superb centre-to-corner brightness uniformity.

Front service access:

With a unique motorized screen which lifts up from the front, there is no longer need for rear access maintenance thus making installation in compact rooms possible.