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Delta Electronics Receives Top 2012 Corporate Citizenship Award from CommonWealth Magazine

Delta Electronics received the top Corporate Citizenship award for large companies from CommonWealth Magazine today for its outstanding performance as a “green” enterprise. The magazine announced the results of its 2012 Corporate Citizenship Awards in the latest issue. Delta’s Chairman Yancey Hai was invited to the award ceremony to personally accept the award.

Upon receiving the award Mr. Hai remarked, “Delta’s mission is to provide innovative, clean and energy-efficient solutions for a better tomorrow. We practice this commitment in our daily operations. Delta has also implemented corporate governance according to global standards and has established an audit committee and compensation committee. Delta not only develops products that benefit humanity, but we are also dedicated to energy education and green building promotion. The Ming Chuan Elementary School that was destroyed by Typhoon Morakot in 2009 was rebuilt by Delta. During torrential rains this summer, the school served as a shelter and protected 2,250 people in June and July.” Mr. Hai also shared the DVD documentary about Delta’s rebuilding the school, produced and broadcast by the National Geographic Channel, with all the winning companies at the ceremony.

Commonwealth Magazine praised the strategic connection of Delta’s corporate goals with its social responsibility and contributions to society. As a shining example of a “green” enterprise, Delta rebuilt the Ming Chuan Elementary School into a “diamond grade” green building—the previous school building was buried in mud by Typhoon Morakot. Moreover, the library of Ming Chuan Elementary School is Taiwan’s first “net-zero” building.

The magazine’s Corporate Citizenship survey evaluates companies on four dimensions: corporate governance, corporate commitment, social engagement and the environment. The survey criteria and rankings drew on measurements and assessments from United Nations programs, the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development), the U.S. Dow Jones Index, and others. The magazine used a three-stage process and the four dimensions to select Taiwan’s top corporate citizens.

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