Traffic Control Room

Traffic control regulates the transport operations. The main objective is to simultaneously provide safe, efficient, and effective control of traffic. The Digital Displays monitor the route and traffic from a central traffic control point to control the traffic at once. The operational status is displayed in real-time, enabling accurate decisions and prompt instructions to be made during timetable disruptions so that normal operations can be resumed as soon as possible. This system automates the regular route control of the traffic according to the timetable and the distribution of passenger information to simplify traffic control operations.


Transportation Management Centres need the capability to display high-resolution graphic information from maps, multiple camera feeds, traffic management applications, etc. to ensure safe and continuous traffic flow.

Operators need the ability to monitor various types of information continuously. They also need the flexibility to scale this information or images seamlessly across large areas when the requirement becomes critical. Operators need to collaborate basis real-time information from video feeds and other applications for timely dispatch of much needed actions ensuring smooth operations.

Transportation has witnessed a sea-change in road, rail, air, and sea transportation. Managing safety in today’s airspace and controlling the increasing road, highway and port traffic has become a complex responsibility. Situational awareness, analysis and rational decisions are imperative to maintain the traffic flow in a secured way. This can be achieved by intelligent traffic monitoring system that continuously monitors the traffic situation.

Why Delta Displays?

Delta Video wall solution delivers a reliable, flexible, and revolutionary solution that caters to the traffic management needs. Delta’s 24×7 display solutions’ innovative endeavours enable the crucial control rooms to analyse the situation correctly and guaranty safety to the commuters. Delta’s Video walls come with capability of integrating with today’s intelligent traffic management systems which can display route information, live video feeds, traffic congestions and critical updates avoiding hindrances to traffic management system.

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