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Collaborative Room Solutions

Modern meeting spaces have become areas for teamwork, brainstorming, active collaboration, and other problem-solving activities. Thanks to evolving technology, this is all possible. Collaborative workspaces are becoming more and more popular among meeting spaces and business organizations. These devices also ensure a smooth discussion without the hassle of finding previous notes or sharing files on the device itself.

Analysing real time information:

Modern boardroom meetings increasingly depend on real-time update of information, multi-site collaboration and videoconferencing in high definition. With the help of Video walls, the decision makers can visualize and connect with every project, having all information in real time and take decisions and necessary action.

Using interactive displays creates more collaborative workspaces with improved convenience and higher-performing productivity. It provides a perfect solution for those who want to connect not only in the office but also with remote co-workers. Thanks to the technology that allows for writing, editing, and other collaborative features, you can make any meeting more engaging and productive.

Why Delta Display?

Delta’s video walls / displays offer visualize inputs on real time basis making the boardroom conferences a live one. With various connectivity ports to support various inputs/ outputs, Delta’s Next-Gen Video walls / displays help display numerous amounts of data to analyse information effectively

Collaborative Rooms

  • Conference Rooms
  • Board Rooms/ Meeting Rooms
  • Auditoriums

Visualization projects

Most investment in immersive technologies has occurred in the gaming industry. Since Oculus Rift, many gaming companies have created Virtual Reality (VR) games. Healthcare has also been at the forefront of immersive technology adoption – already, surgeons are using Augmented Reality (AR) to visualize where to make incisions on the body and pull up patient’s health information during operations. In education, AR is allowing students to visualize text and interactive elements in lectures.

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