Delta, since the time of its inception, has been dedicated towards innovation and systematic development of new products and technologies, thereby making it a leader in technological innovations.

Delta offers a wide range of off-the-shelf visualization products designed for a variety of applications. Delivering the perfect combination of performance, reliability and eco-friendliness, Delta displays offers the ideal visual solution to every application worldwide.

Displays come in different technology (Rear projection DLP, LCD, Direct-view LED) and in various sizes and resolutions, giving a variety of solutions. With in-house manufacturing of controllers and software, we make sure we offer the best solution for your requirement.

Video Wall

Control rooms are a vital component of any major operation. Be it traffic management, security, Surveillance, process control or utilities, Control rooms are building blocks of city wide management. Ensuring access to every intricate detail and real time information has...


LED Displays

People are constantly on the move and spend most of their time out of their homes at multiple places: on the streets, in corporate buildings, shopping malls, retail stores or transportation hubs. It is a challenging task to target these...


All In One

Delta’s All-in-One LED series consists of 120- inch, 138-inch, 150-inch and 165-inch large screens which are offered as an all-in-one package including an embedded controller & built-in high quality audio system. This integrated system simplifies daily operations and maintenance by...


Interactive Flat Panel Display


Immersive Displays

System integration is a professional service provided by Delta in recent years after having integrated many of its own hardware combinations. Delta professional visual system integration services guide you to select the best technology suitable for your requirement. For customers...


Control Systems

Delta’s display control system perfectly supports any type of video and data sources on any display configuration. The displayed content which comes in simultaneously from multiple sources can be presented across multiple display units as one large image, separate images,...




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