Government Control Room

Control rooms do more than just giving the access to what is happening on the field. They help to ensure that when the worst happens, you are prepared to deal with it. They also act as the central hubs for your cyber operations, emergency operations, and joint operations from which to manage training and communications, both crucial endeavours in a setting that relies on fast, automatic thinking and action. Situational Awareness and mission readiness are a focal point of our any control room.

Look for the Future

Command Center deploy 24/7 critical applications of national security requiring vigilant monitoring. These control rooms need to be equipped with the most reliable, effective, scalable, and rugged systems & displays to provide comfortable, easy and collaborative environments for the personnel. A large Displays makes it comfortable to work collaboratively while maintaining peak operational efficiency and reduced fatigue related issues always allowing mission readiness.

Building Blocks for Government’s Digital Transformations

Governments at every level strive to keep citizens safe, healthy, and thriving. We help them by providing steadfast defense, education, transportation, and other services, often with the help of technology. Delta delivers the building blocks for high-performance, security-enabled solutions that enable governments to support and empower citizens.

Why Delta Displays? 

The Delta DLP video walls have pioneered the technology ensuring redundancy for defence and 24×7 security operations. Situational awareness, analysis and rational decisions are imperative to maintain the security against all kind of threats. Delta’s display solutions’ innovative endeavours ensure continuity and enable the defence control rooms to analyse the situation correctly and respond quickly. Delta offers the newest and state-of-the-art display solution for these mission critical situations for defence.

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