Telecom Network Control Room Solutions

Through rapid advancements in AI and automation, network management has become one of the key generators of business value in the telecom industry. For today’s communication service providers, it serves as a critical tool to drive growth, improve customer experience, and optimize infrastructure operations for optimal capital and operational expenditure.

Network management covers everything, from network performance management and future provisioning to network vulnerability management and even network energy infrastructure management, through remote and automated monitoring, troubleshooting, configuration, and optimization of the network.


Telecom service provider operations are continuously growing with their expansion in network and coverage. In such a dynamic environment, it is imperative for a display to be scalable, and at the same time, reliable in every aspect of technology and service. A very impressive and effective control room displays system is required to monitor and maintain a large telecommunication infrastructure. Vast amounts of information and activity need to be continuously monitored for smooth operations in the telecommunications and network operations industry. Data, graphics, and even videos are continuously monitored, with the operators needing high-resolution and clear images that can be viewed and managed with ease. Displays for this information need to be flexible, and highly reliable to ensure continuous system availability.

Why Delta Displays?

Delta’s rich experience in developing key telecom and power products helps it  understand the dynamic and sustainable needs of their application. A robust design along with  the latest Laser DLP/LED technology, ensures redundancy in 24×7 monitoring service to your customers. Delta’s professional service team is designed to support your application seamlessly, giving you operational excellence and flexibility.

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