Broadcast Control Room

Today the Broadcast industry is rapidly changing every day. New technologies and changing consumer consumption habits are pushing studios to adopt solutions that can quickly adapt and scale to meet customer demands. A Future-proof, fast and reliable 4K display with cutting edge technology, which can give a whole new experience of  storytelling, is the need of the day.  Better Interactive studio environments are driving the need for seamless Digital wall integration.

Smarter Faster Reliable

The digital video industry continues to evolve with new technologies and market trends.Studio control room acts as the nerve centre of the television production facility allowing media to be part of consumers’ daily life. Over the years art and technology have become more intertwined, with crystal clear 4k immersive picture quality, larger screens and the cutting-edge technology transforming the viewers experience and finding new paths to grow the broadcasting landscape.

Why Delta Displays? 

The high-performance, Delta Displays are ready to meet the challenges brought on by the current trends. With a robust portfolio of high-quality video processing and ready-to-go reference design hardware, Delta’s displays are enabling designers to quickly add and develop new custom features or accommodate end customer-specific requirements today. Delta’s high resolution video wall solutions cater to real and expanding requirements for large scale visualization systems with capabilities of extreme resolutions and customizable multi-media system in a multiple monitor format. These are ideally suited as an over-the-shoulder display in TV shows or news studio, broadcast monitoring rooms, screening or post-production environments. With these displays, it is possible to visualize inputs from various sources in a variety of formats like DVI, RGB video, HD-SDI, 3G-SDI and more.


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