Disaster Management

Disaster Management Control Room Solutions

A proactive, comprehensive and sustained approach to disaster management is required to reduce the detrimental effects of disasters. A disaster Management control room helps in the dissemination of warnings, monitoring of relief and rescue measures during disaster, assessment of preparedness, preparation and compilation of Standard Operating procedures, assessment of disaster vulnerability, preparation of community-based disaster management plan, creating awareness through mock drills and training etc.


During emergency operations, management and response teams need high-resolution graphics displayed from multiple applications simultaneously which is shared between many different users and operators. With time constraints, multiple agencies often need to get together and collaborate to make informed decisions and take the right course of action. Emergency operations can run continuously for extended hours or even days through various shifts and the uniformity and reliability of the displayed information, as well as the display wall is critical for Control room solutions for Mission Critical Operations Centre.

Why Delta Display?

The Delta display walls act as a backbone of these control rooms and help in 24×7 disaster coordination and management effectively. At Delta, we know that when disaster strikes, every millisecond counts!

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