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Public Display

The digital signage market is witnessing significant growth worldwide and are being used in commercial places such as retail stores, hospitality centres, and other public spaces for advertising, as well as displaying product information, instructions, directions, entertaining content, etc. The use of digital signages in commercial applications allow businesses to efficiently and effectively reach and interact with their customers, thereby attracting new business opportunities by increasing brand awareness among consumers, improving the operating efficiency of businesses, catching the attention of passers-by, promoting new products in the market and enhancing customer experiences.

Embrace the Customer Lifestyle

Digital signages are used in indoor and outdoor applications. In outdoor applications, they are used in the form of kiosks, billboards, and signboards. Harsh weather conditions such as rain, snow, dirt, and extreme temperatures, can affect the performance of the digital signages and might degrade their future performance. Digital signages, which are exposed to direct sunlight for long hours over a period of time, can also develop thermal management issues. This can affect the longevity of displays or  can even degrade their performance. Therefore, it is extremely important to choose cooling filters and thermal management software to manage digital signages’ heat build-up.

Adoption of digital signages is on the rise with the increased ROI of using digital signages and making it more affordable for businesses and stores to invest in this kind of in-store display advertisement. Digital signages for in-store use can take different forms. Besides the technological variations in display and screen technology like LCD, LED, and projection; a major category difference between them is on the one hand the interactive touchscreens and on the other hand the dynamic or static digital screens

Why Delta Display

Delta’s display solutions are an ideal solution for public displays. Delta displays are the best display tools suitable for all kinds of businesses like  hotels, hospitals, etc. for public information or at retails stores for branding purposes or at sports venues for displaying scorecard. Best suited option for concourses, passenger waiting halls, reservation centres, hospitals and airport lobbies and other such locations, Delta’s display solutions are the brightest in the industry.

  • Retail

It is noticeable that around 70% of purchase decisions are made within the retail store itself. Therefore, effective Point of Sale Promotion displays can have a dramatic impact on sales for a particular product category or brand. Static signs and Posters are being replaced by dynamically updated electronic displays that offer instant product information through videos and visuals.

Delta offers High-Definition Video walls with superior reliability and robust industrial construction design for 24X7 operations. Delta’s display solutions enable the brand managers to communicate to the right target audience by running instant marketing messages and updated information packs in real-time.

  • Sports

Big sports displays can not only transmit graphical information or a score but also a live broadcast, a close-up repetition of the most interesting moments of sports competitions, video information about sponsors of a club, a stadium, a match, a competition, and a tournament. Running commercials on a display during mass competitions is without doubt profitable for sponsors and advertisers: a commercial will be seen both by fans present at the stadium and by TV viewers.

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