Smart City

Smart City Mission is an innovative initiative by the Government to drive economic growth and improve the quality of life of people of India. The very concept of Smart Cities was a big paradigm change in the thought processes of the government.

The current inclination towards ‘everything smart’ will have a positive impact on the growth of displays industry. In developing countries like India, government is investing a lot in real-estate and Infrastructure sectors. With the growing infrastructure industry, the demand for displays will see a steep rise. Also, ample opportunities are there in various other sectors as we move towards building of smart cities.

The application of Displays (Video walls, LCDs and LEDs) is found in a variety of markets including command and control centers, NOC rooms, retail, transportation, public information displays, collaborative rooms and more.

Delta has been able to do majority of the Command & Control Centres in various Smart City projects till now executed in the country. Going by Government of India’s mission of building 100 Smart Cities, there are many more CCC’s to come in the near future. In the outdoor space, Delta has recently worked on one of Asia’s largest digital display network in Rajasthan where almost 330 OOH digital screens have been installed all across the state.

Delta has always been dedicated in innovation and systematically developing new products and technologies making it a leader in technological innovations. The latest being 4K (UHD) Laser Video wall for the smart city & surveillance market. Delta 4K Laser Video Wall offers 4 times higher canvas than a standard Full HD Video wall and gives remarkable content clarity, well suited for large scale visualization systems.

Besides 4K Laser Video wall, Delta’s extensive line of products includes solutions for both indoor and outdoor applications.

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