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Delta’s Revolutionary Industry Intelligent Monitoring Management System, iPEMS™ to Shine at InfoComm India 2014

Mumbai, India, September 15, 2014 – Delta, a global leader in thermal and power management and pioneer in display and monitoring solutions, announced today it will showcase its revolutionary Industry Intelligent Monitoring Management System, iPEMS™ at InfoComm India 2014. iPEMS™ is a living proof of Delta’s profile as a total solutions provider as it integrates IoT (Internet of Things) technology with Delta’s DVCS® advanced vision control system. iPEMS™ enables monitoring of more than 10 million supervision points in real-time, ultra high-resolution visualization with intuitive SCADA graphics and with big data mining and analysis capabilities. These functions are pillars for improved productivity and energy efficiency in industrial platforms and green buildings.

The highly adaptable and customizable iPEMS™, which is featured through a live demonstration for the first time in India, support effective decision-making processes in a broad spectrum of industries such as power generation, smart manufacturing facilities, data centers, 3G/4G wireless base stations, oil & gas installations and more.

Key features and benefits of this intelligent monitoring solution include:

Real-time Data Capture, Transfer, Storage: All the signals of entire industrial platforms, such as real-time analog/digital data, alarm information and supervision video can be blended together by leveraging Delta’s DVCS® (Distributive Vision Control System) technology. Its distributed database system enables large-scale, high-speed data storage and backup, ensuring data integrity and security.

Intelligent Data Mining and Analysis: iPEMS™ constantly monitors changes in the data received, providing customizable visual alerts based upon predefined parameters. Analysis of energy consumption, industrial process management and safety monitoring are common functions enabled by the system.

Integrated Super-High Resolution Data Visualization: The system also visualizes all the data shown on high-resolution of up to 102400 x 7680 display walls through Super Resolution Image Software (SRIS) which is driven by Delta’s novel DVCS®, an IP-based vision control system that is the first to integrate audio and video in one single display wall system. As Delta is the first to use the latest HTML-5 SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics), intuitive SCADA graphics are also displayed and operators can use iPEMS™ with any PC or tablet that supports IE / Chrome / Safari / Firefox environments.

About Delta

Delta, founded in 1971, is the global leader in power and thermal management solutions. Our mission statement, “To provide innovative, clean and energy-efficient solutions for a better tomorrow,” focuses our role in addressing key environmental issues such as global climate change. As an energy-saving solutions provider, Delta’s businesses encompass power electronics, energy management, and smart green life. Delta has sales offices worldwide, with R&D centres and manufacturing facilities in Taiwan, China, USA, Europe, Thailand, Japan, Singapore, India, Mexico, and Brazil.

Throughout its history, Delta has received many global awards and recognition for its business milestones, innovative technology and corporate social responsibility. Since 2011, Delta has been selected as a member of the prestigious Dow Jones Sustainability™ World Index (DJSI World) for three consecutive years. In 2013 it was also included in the DJSI Emerging Markets Index and ranked first in six criteria among DJSI’s World-leading Electronic Equipment, Instrument and Component Companies segment.

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About Delta Displays

Delta Displays, a division of Delta, is a pioneer in developing professional display for control room solutions for surveillance, security, traffic, command & control, utilities, process control, telecom and broadcast applications. Delta offers a wide array of display technologies including: rear projection DLP® video walls with Gen-Next LED technology, Ultra thin-bezel LCD video walls, and high-resolution indoor/outdoor LED displays with a powerful & highly flexible Wall management Software suite.

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