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Exclusive interview of Mr. Hemant Agarwal in Urban Railways

Tell us about the display business of Delta in India.

Delta Displays is a leader in Professional display industry, making it stronger with ‘local’ competence in India, ME and SEA regions. Powered by global technology innovation, supported by strongly footed R&D bases locally, and backed up by marketing aggression, the Indian arm of the Taiwanese electronics giant has been enjoying an indomitable position in India along with Asian geographies.

What are the application areas for display systems in Metro and Railways Segments ?

Delta Displays is a pioneer in developing professional displays for control rooms in Metro and Rail industry. Right from 4K and Full HD Laser video walls for operation control centers (OCC) to LED Displays for Public Information displays (PIDS), Delta offers display solutions to meet each and every specific requirement of the Railways and Metro Sector.

With the choicest range of display solutions, Delta Displays is well positioned to support metro-rail projects across the globe. Our product portfolio for the Metro and Railway market is optimized for 24×7 use in mission-critical applications. The technological leadership and expertise in DLP® and other display technologies have helped us successfully execute display solutions in hundreds of 24×7 applications around the world.

Delta has executed some of the most prestigious projects across world including the world’s biggest video wall for a railway control room in China. Talking about India, we have made a strong presence in the Metro-rail industry, having installed video wall solutions in most of the Metros, including Bangalore Metro, Delhi Metro, Lucknow Metro, Greater-Noida Metro, Nagpur Metro to name a few. A recent video wall that we installed is over 110sqm for a dedicated freight corridor control room to be launched soon.

What sets Delta Displays apart from other display system suppliers in Indian Market ?

Delta has always been dedicated towards innovation and systematically developing new products and technologies, thereby making it a leader in technological innovations. The latest revolution being 4K (UHD) Laser Video Wall for the transportation, smart city and surveillance market. Delta 4K Laser Video Wall offers 4 times higher canvas than a standard Full HD Video wall. With 8 Mega pixel display, the UHD Laser Video Wall gives remarkable content clarity, and is ideal for current and expanding requirements of large scale visualization systems. What could be monitored on 64 Full HD Video Walls, can now be monitored on 16 4K video walls only.

Another factor that sets us apart from our competitors are the control systems that are designed and manufactured by Delta. With the help of these control systems, the operators are able to capture, display and manage varied sources on the Video Wall. The controllers are flexible enough to display local applications, networkstreamed desktops, and direct connected DVI, RGB and video inputs – anywhere, and of any size on the wall, for all 24×7 operations.

And last but equally important is the highly qualified and dedicated team of inhouse service engineers that offers roundthe-clock after sales service and support. Delta assists its customers with service that meets precise requirements even after the commissioning of the system thereby making Delta the preferred brand.

What challenges did you face in covid-induced lockdown and how do you see the business prospects in postcovid times?

It’s going to be 3 years now with COVID-19 pandemic, a health and humanitarian crisis, it has impacted the whole world on a scale that we haven’t seen in recent history. We are rapidly adjusting to this new normal. The new reality taking shape is made of complexity, uncertainty and opportunities. To adapt and thrive, Delta has accelerated and become resilient and agile. Delta has addressed the deep changes needed in this new environment, from a people, operations, and technology perspective, at speed and at scale.

Delta worked on to gain a better understanding of the production demand changes, labor support challenges and supply chain ecosystem constraints making the business future-proof as possible, using new technology to increase resilience, protect operations, and support workers through the crisis. As well as being essential now, these future-proofing actions will also help sustain competitive advantage to accelerate business growth once economies completely rebounds.

We have already formulated our strategies on how we will need to map the market requirement. We have a full action plan in place and roll out as and when the market demands. Our idea is to make sure that our products should reach every potential marketplace.

Whole of Delta is like a family, as we do not have an employee-employer relation, people work like a family here. Like its’ your own business and you have to work hard to bring up the business. Which has been possible only because employees have given their 200% in the past 50 years.

Any recent major contract that Delta Displays have bagged in Metro or Railways Sector?

Currently we are in the process of executing a major contract for railways which shall be the largest control room installation in Indian Railways till date. It shall be done using the latest in display technology for control rooms with processing to match. Apart from this we are also in the process of executing a few metro projects as well in various parts of the country.


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