60″ Xtra Slim LED Video wall – FullHD

60″ Xtra Slim LED Video wall – FullHD

DVS-608R/FSL is a state-of-the-art rear projection; high brightness LED light source based Full HD Xtra Slim Cube featuring a diagonal size of 60 inches (1,328.1 x 747.1 mm image). Powered by the latest single chip DLP technology, the DVS-608R/FSL delivers exceptional image quality with an aspect ratio of 16:9. Incorporating state-of-the-art high brightness & high performance LED technology as its light source, the DVS-608R/FSL offers you an array of additional benefits – both in increased performance and lower cost of ownership.


True Cube Redundancy

Light Source redundancy

Delta’s Xtra Slim series offers display redundancy feature through the illumination unit. If any LED fails due to any reason, the display does not lose the image or any color in that image

Redundant Inputs

Delta’s Xtra Slim Series input box provides 2 redundant inputs to ensure that input sources are always connected to the display wall offering an intervention –free system.

Redundant Power Supply

Delta’s Xtra Slim Series have in-built automatic hot swappable power supplies which ensure high transfer efficiency and reduce power consumption by more than 10% as compared to the standard cubes. Modular design of power supply aids in quick & easy maintenance. Redundant power system also has two independent power input nets, in case one power net fails another still continues to provide power to the full system.

60″ Xtra Slim LED Video wall – FullHD

Cutting Edge Optics

Lens Design Technology

The distinctive aspheric lens provides you the crispest picture, high quality with sharp focus and image stability. A perfectly uniform image is displayed across the entire display with a wide angle perspective. The use of aspheric lens helps to overcome the big challenge of dealing with mono-chromatic and spherical aberrations. These aberrations normally effect the geometry and the focus of the image. However with the use of this newly developed aspheric lens, Delta has successfully overcome these barriers to offer to its customer vivid images with incredible sharpness. Combining this with the Extra Low Dispersion (ED) lens further adds to the picture sharpness as it helps to focus all the colors at the same convergence point thus reducing color dispersion. Ensuring that the control rooms’ operators can view perfect, uniform and rich life-like images cube to cube across the entire display.

Integrated Optical Engine Design

Designing the projection engine right is critical to maintaining a good display over time. Delta’s integrated engine module design provides excellent heat conduction to ensure brilliant optical performance. Its integrated electronic and optical components provide compact outlook and excellent EMI performance. The integrated design helps reduce the MTTR giving you the least cost of ownership and maintenance in the industry. Boasting of an extremely high MTBF of greater than 75,000 hours these high brightness cubes are a major leap in video wall technology.

Fully IP addressable

Truly networked, the Xtra Slim series can be controlled and driven over LAN networks with specially developed Delta codecs offering high levels of compression with loss less quality. All Delta cubes are fully IP addressable with inbuilt diagnostic control. This provides the operator full control on the system.

Novel Cooling Mechanism

Delta’s extremely reliable cooling mechanism is based on the Heat Pipe technology. This technology uses liquid vaporization phase change cycle architecture, in which the sealed liquid (pure water) circulates to draw heat away from the LED’s with no chance of any leakage. Maintenance free mechanism, as there is no electro-mechanical device for liquid circulation. Innovative cooling system ensures longer life and better performance.


60″ Xtra Slim LED Video wall – FullHD

Driving Technology To New Levels

Pixel perfect uniformity

An auto-color calibration system continuously monitors sensors in real time and automatically adjusts the color temperature and brightness in a video wall ensuring control room operators view a perfectly uniform image across the entire screen at all times.

NEXT GEN LED-Illumination

Delta’s Xtra Slim Series comes with environment friendly, LED solid-state light source using the latest generation high brightness and high performance LEDs delivering you enhancements-both in image quality and cost of ownership compared to traditional LEDs. You can achieve the best color gamut resulting in a much richer visual experience. Undoubtedly, Delta’s Xtra Slim Series are the brightest display solution available in the market, in it’s class. With their extremely long lifetime, these LEDs do not need regular replacement meaning you will have no consumables for many years – even with 24/7 operation.

Unique Color Sensor Design

For cube to cube color and brightness matching, Delta has incorporated an auto-color system based on a unique color sensor design. With sensors positioned on the light beam of the optical lens, the color calibration system encompasses the tolerances of all the optics in the system – including the lens and glass components. The system automatically adjusts the color temperature and brightness, ensuring control room operators view a perfectly uniform image across the entire screen at all times.

60″ Xtra Slim LED Video wall – FullHD


Model DVS-608R/FSL
Native Resolution Full HD, 1920 x 1080
Description LED Light Source Full HD Cube
Display Technology DLP® Single Chip
Brightness 1100 Lumens
Dynamic Contrast 1,500,000 : 1
Color Temperature 3200K to 9600K
Brightness Uniformity Up to 98%
Screen type CSI / High Gain / Delta Selected / Others
Screen Gap Rear Access: Adjustable up to 0.2 mm
Front Access : Adjustable up to 0.75 mm
Color Stability Self calibrating with color sensor
Light Source LED Cluster- Redundant
Estimated Lamp Life Eco Mode: 100,000hrs
Normal Mode: 80,000hrs
Bright Mode: 60,000hrs
Signal Interface D DVI / HDMI / Analog D-Sub 15pin / Display Port
Control 1x RS-232 Dsub9
1x RS 422 RJ45
1x IP Ethernet RJ45
1x IR Receiver
Input Voltage AC 90 – 240V@50/60Hz
Optional Backup Power Dual Power supply unit
Operating Temperature 0°C-40°C (32° F – 104° F)
Non-Operating Temperature -20 °C – 60 °C ( -4°F – 140°F)
Humidity 10% – 90%, non-condensing

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