Specifically designed for outdoor use, Delta’s AO-6 is a cost-effective outdoor SMD LED display that offers outstanding performance and reliability. Ideal solution with professional dot correction technology provides superior color performance. The AO-6 provides the best viewing experience with optimal color, brightness and contrast at an optimal viewing distance of >6m. Using the finest quality components available today, the lightweight yet rugged tiles ensure excellent image quality and flicker-free video. The unique all-weather design guarantees reliability under the toughest operating conditions while offering rear access for ease of service.


Excellent Picture Quality

Delta’s outdoor LED series have optimum brightness with a high refresh rate making content clearly visible even in high ambient lighting. A high refresh rate of up to 5880Hz assures smooth content playback and up to 16-bit color processing provides a higher greyscale level, thereby giving a more life-like image.


Optimum Power Consumption

Power consumption has been a major concern for many LED applications, especially those requiring 24/7 operation. Delta LED displays are designed with optimized power supplies to limit power consumption to a minimum. This not only helps you save money but also confirms Delta’s long-term commitment to environmental protection and core focus on green energy-efficient solutions.


Easy On-site Calibration with Your DSLR Camera

LED displays lose uniformity as the LEDs dim over time. With the help of your own DSLR (Digital Single-Lens Reflex) camera, Delta’s built-in on-site calibration technology can automatically adjust the color and brightness of the display to achieve perfect uniformity.


Built for all Weather

The front and back of Outdoor LED cabinets are IP65/ IP54 ~ IP65* rated, making them suitable for various outdoor scenarios. The IP rating allows stable operation of LED displays even during extremely harsh environments and virtually any weather conditions.


Easy installation & Maintenance

Installation of Delta’s outdoor LED is quick and simple. LED Cabinets can be easily stacked and cables can be plugged without any hassle. In case of failure related to the LED module or the system board, it can be serviced from the front. The LED module can be simply detached by magnetic tool and replaced quickly without disturbing the complete LED wall.



Product SeriesAO-6
Pixel Pitch6.67mm6.67mm
Pixel ConfigurationSMD 3-in-1SMD 3-in-1
LED TypeDelta Selected**Delta Selected**
Cabinet MaterialAluminiumAluminium
Brightness (Typ.)*6000 cd/m26500 cd/m2
Pixel density 22,500 pixels/m222,500 pixels/m2
Dimming Capability0-255 level0-255 level
Contrast Ratio (Typ.)*6000:1 or higher10,000:1 or higher
Refresh Rate*3840 Hz3840 Hz
Color Processing*14-bit ~ 16-bit14-bit ~ 16-bit
Colors*4.4 trillion ~ 281 trillion4.4 trillion ~ 281 trillion
Viewing AngleHorizontal140°160°
Lifetime (Typ.)≥100,000Hrs≥100,000Hrs
Power InputAC 220-240VAC 200-240V
Power Consumption Maximum784 W/Cabinet705 W/Cabinet
Avg.261 W/Cabinet235W/Cabinet
Net Weight 30 (Kg/Cabinet)24.5 (Kg/Cabinet)
Relative HumidityOperating10%~90%10%~90%
Service AccessRear Front/Rear
IP Grade IP65 / IP54 IP65 / IP65

*Higher specification is available on request.
**Range of LED lamps available
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