10-bit HQV Image Processing

Incorporating 10-bit HQV processing and SIMD (Simple Instruction Multiple Data) array with 3K processors, Delta’s image processing unit delivers you the most advanced processing for Video-walls available on the market today. Working at a rate of 1 trillion operations per sec, the processor scales all incoming signals to the native resolution of the Video-wall and then enhances the image, removing any artifacts caused by the conversion and transmission of video.

10-bit color processing

The Image enhancement is performed with four-field motion adaptive de-interlacing, multi cadence tracking, expanded 10-bit color processing and detail enhancement. The result transforms standard-definition sources to HD quality and makes HD look even more detailed. Moreover, Delta’s HQV image processing provides real-time clean up of highly compressed video, reducing compression artifacts of block and mosquito noise from lower-quality sources.

Key features:


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