Video Walls

Video walls are multiple projectors or video monitors arranged to present either or both of a multiple image array or a single large image. Usually Video walls are based on back projection and are designed to ensure minimum gaps between two displays.

Essential process needed by a video wall system is the ability to take a single input video signal and “split” it across many “screens”.

In many applications, there is a requirement for a video wall to show data from various sources. The easiest form of multi-sourcing uses a conventional video switcher to select between different sources. The switcher can be controlled manually or by the programming computer. This arrangement allows one moving image to be seen on the wall at one time. If more than one image is required simultaneously, there is a choice of:

Video wall is a series of video displays giving viewers a large, independent visual experience. Video walls are experiencing a greater and wider use in various industries, largely due to technological advancements in the past few years. Advancements in terms of resolution, brightness and light source, has enhanced the scope and effectiveness of video walls. Video walls assists its users to regularly change or refresh display content according to a user requirement.

Delta has an expertise in two technologies used in Video walls:


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