LCD Video Walls: The Bigger, The Better

Date: February 10, 2018

Have you ever wondered how much your eyes can absorb at a time?

The human eye can view at a speed of 10 to 100 million bits per second and that gives us a large amount of data reading capacity but, what about our brains?

If we take the example of a magazine’s page, we realize that though our eyes can see all its content at a glance, but our brain can hardly register anything, unless the layout is big enough to grab and keep the attention. This tells us something very important; the bigger, the better.

The Art of Going Big : Video wall

Conveying information is nothing less than a struggle in today’s fast-paced lifestyle. Be it for a presentation or a movie expected to break the box office records, no one would pay attention to it unless it literally asks for it and the best way to do it is to go big. This is where we can find the true value of a video wall.

A video wall means exactly what it sounds like; a video set-up that is of the size of a wall. A video wall consists of multiple display devices (LCDs) all combined to display a unified electronic image or message.

Immersive Full HD Experience

LCD video walls are the most common types of video walls. Their bright, vivid and high resolution display is a visual feast for the eyes and they don’t just ask for attention, they demand for it. Available at practical prices, LCD video walls can be used to display communication in any required format (videos, images, texts, etc.).

The communications displayed by the LCD video walls can encompass any type of content, from a company’s video, presentations, advertising, portfolio to entertainment. They are ideally used in various places, ranging from control rooms, auditoriums, research centers to retail showrooms and airports. LCD video walls are excellent as a medium to advertise which help viewers retain information for longer times.

With LCD video walls, it has become possible to showcase content in a way to create a deeper impact on the audience, and make it more interesting and engaging for them.


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