The optimum control for control rooms: Video Walls

Date: January 9, 2019

The command and Control room market is going through a fast advancement. The government organizations are investing more on disaster management, public security and infrastructure development which is driving control rooms market. Nowadays, there is a desire to be better connected and synchronized through a single large display wall, be it for utilities, disaster management, security & surveillance or traffic management. Central command and control centers are responsible for monitoring all activities and be prepared, at a strategic level, for an emergency or disaster. The common function of Control rooms is to gather and analyse data, monitor them and make decisions accordingly.

The power of Integration- What are Control Rooms made of?

Traditional control rooms were equipped with desktop monitors, mimic panel and TVs, which have become obsolete in control rooms because to their limitation of displaying partial information due to low resolution of monitors and short life span.

Modern control rooms contain a series of Video screens providing high level of live statistical and analytical information that can be drilled down into detail. Video walls are comprised of individual cubes stacked edge-to-edge to create one large logical canvas. The video wall can be increased in overall size by adding displays horizontally and/or vertically. Various information can be displayed like- different types of SCADA, GIS, IP Cameras, Signalling, power traction and more on a Video wall. To complete the system, a video wall controller is connected to the video wall that helps in content placement on the screen, re-sizing of the content and many more functions. Used as a monitoring tool, the video wall enhances the operator’s effectiveness in responding to problems quickly as they arise.

Technology for achieving exceptional Visual Quality

Control rooms serve as the nerve center of any major operation. They display high-quality video and information feeds which operators can monitor, detect and act on real-time information; Integrate and control data from multiple sources – show timely and accurate information; View content at any size and location on Video wall.

Mimic panels, TVs, and desktop monitors are outdated technology and have limited application in today’s mission-critical industries. Video wall makes information display seamless, leading to better decision-making.

There are a variety of video wall technologies available in market today, but not every technology is suitable for mission-critical operations. Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology is most suitable for control rooms and command centers. DLP Video wall is accepted worldwide as it is specifically designed for 24×7 Control Rooms. With seamless bezel of about 0.2mm, DLP Video wall has a longer life as compared to other technologies used for 24×7 operations.

Currently there are two light source available in DLP Video wall: LED and Laser. The latest in DLP Video wall is the Laser based DLP Video wall which is brighter, energy efficient and feature rich compared to its predecessor. Laser DLP Video wall having a lifetime of >100,000hrs and brightness as high as 2500 Lumens is becoming a preferred choice in all mission-critical control centers. Video wall controllers help operators to capture, display and manage varied sources on the Video wall.

Optimized for User

Large video wall provides an overview of the complete grid or processes for various utilities like water, dam, power and other process-control operations. Extremely reliable video walls and displays with impeccable image quality are very important for 24×7 operations.

Video wall helps to connect an unlimited number of sources to an unlimited number of displays. And is capable of integrating with all applications and software required to work in perfect synchronization.

From Lamp-based DLP Video walls to Laser-based DLP Video walls, the control room have evolved a lot in a decade. With these technological developments, we will surely see improved productivity, collaborative decision making and enhanced operators experience in control rooms.


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