Delta’s 0.9mm LED display with SMD technology provides a seamless, high-resolution, high-contrast display solution for interior areas with short viewing distances. Its compact and lightweight design guarantees easy, quick installation. With an aspect ratio of 16:9, contrast ratio of 200,000:1, a light output of over 800nits and 16-bit color processing, the 0.9mm LED delivers excellent image and video quality at an optimal viewing distance of >0.9m.


Hassle free Cable-less Design

Delta’s Fine pitch LED has a cable-less design with minimal signal and power connections. With this design, LED cabinets can be stacked easily, making the installation simple and neat. Delta’s Fine Pitch LED creates a virtually seamless appearance by eliminating the need of unnecessary cables.


Power & Signal Redundancy

Delta’s Fine Pitch Series supports power and signal redundancy, giving users a sense of security. With optional redundancy, continuous operation of LED can be assured without downtime.


Easy Installation & Maintenance

Installation of Delta’s Fine Pitch LED is quick and simple. LED Cabinets can be easily stacked and cables can be plugged without any hassle. In case of failure related to the LED module or the system board, it can be serviced from the front. The LED module can be simply detached by magnetic tool and replaced quickly without disturbing the complete LED wall.


Brightness Uniformity & Calibration

Delta’s uniformity calibration technology guarantees uniform colors and brightness across the display. Factory calibration combined with on-site calibration uniforms brightness and color of complete LED Screen. Delta’s LED screen ensures the best picture with accuracy and consistency.


HDR : Enhancing Visual Experience*

Create a visual impact no matter how bright or dark the image is. Delta’s LED series supports HDR10+ which enhances contrast ratio and brightness to ensure the content looks as real as it is. With HDR technology you can create much brighter white areas and significantly darker black areas.

Boost content to optimum brightness levels in a high dynamic range that allows viewers to fully enjoy vivid content.



Perfect Full-HD Display

Delta’s Fine pitch LED have 16:9 aspect ratio best suited for FHD/UHD content. Each LED cabinet has 16:9 aspect ratio, which is used for Full HD and Ultra HD Content allowing users to use existing content without any modifications, hence saving additional expenditure on content development.



Product Series HL-09
Pixel Pitch 0.93 mm
LED Type Delta Selected**
Pixel Configuration Mini LED 4 in 1
Cabinet Material Aluminum Die-Cast
Brightness (Typ.) 800 cd/m2
Pixel density 1,137,778 pixels/m2
Dimming Capability 0-255 level
Contrast Ratio (Typ.)* 200,000:1
Refresh Rate* 3840HZ
Color Processing* 16 bit
Colors* 281 trillion colors
Viewing Angle Horizontal 170º
Vertical 170º
Lifetime ≥100,000 Hours
Power Input 100-240V
Power Consumption Max 650(W/Per Sq m)
Avg 220 (W/Per Sq m)
Net Weight 5 (Kg/Cabinet)
Temperature Operating 0~+40℃
Storage -20~+60℃
Relative Humidity Operating 10-90%RH
Storage 10-90%RH
Service Access Front
IP Grade IP40
Power & Data Redundancy / HDR / 3D Power Redundancy is standard, Data Redundancy is Optional

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