Delta’s 1.25mm LED display with Chip On Board (COB) technology provides a seamless, high-resolution, high-contrast display solution for interior areas with short viewing distances. Its compact and lightweight design guarantees easy, quick installation. With an aspect ratio of 16:9, contrast ratio upto 20,000:1, a light output over 800nits, the 1.25mm LED delivers excellent image and video quality at an optimal viewing distance of >1.25m.


HDR : Enhancing Visual Experience

Create a visual impact no matter how bright or dark the image is. Delta’s LED series supports HDR10+ which enhances contrast ratio and brightness to ensure the content looks as real as it is. With HDR technology you can create much brighter white areas and significantly darker black areas.
Boost content to optimum brightness levels in a high dynamic range that allows viewers to enjoy vivid content


Power & Signal Redundancy

Delta’s Fine Pitch Series supports power and signal redundancy, giving users a sense of security. With optional redundancy, continuous operation of LED can be assured without downtime.


Front Accessible

Delta’s Fine Pitch LED Series supports full front service, making it the ideal solution where space is limited. Front Service makes wiring convenient and much easier operation in different applications.
Being fully accessible from front, the LED tiles can be easily maintained and repaired from front, hence reducing space


Perfect Full-HD Display

Delta’s Fine pitch LED have 16:9 aspect ratio best suited for FHD/UHD content. Each LED cabinet has 16:9 aspect ratio, which is used for Full HD and Ultra HD Content, allowing users to use existing content without any modifications, hence saving additional expenditure on content development.


Minimal Power Consumption

Power consumption has been a major concern for many LED applications, especially those requiring 24/7 operation. Delta LED displays are designed with optimized power supplies to limit power consumption to a minimum. This not only helps you save money but also confirms Delta’s long-term commitment to environmental protection and core focus on green energy-efficient solutions.



Product SeriesVC-12
Pixel Pitch1.25 mm
Pixel Configuration1R1G1B
Cabinet MaterialAluminum Die-Cast
Brightness (Typ.)800 cd/m2
Pixel density6,40,000 pixels/m2
Dimming Capability0-255 level
Contrast Ratio (Typ.)*20,000:1
Refresh Rate*3840HZ
Colors*4.4 Trillion~18 quadrillion
Viewing AngleHorizontal170º
Lifetime (Typ.)≥100,000Hrs
Power Input100-240V AC
Power ConsumptionMax45 (W/Cabinet)
Avg25 (W/Cabinet)
Net Weight4 (Kg/Cabinet)
Relative HumidityOperating10-90%RH
Service AccessFront
Signal & Power Redundancy, HDRAvailable as an option


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