Advanced Screen Design Options

In a Video wall, the screen is the last interface between the projected image and the operator. As such, choosing the right screen for your particular control room situation is critical to ensure optimal viewing for all operators.

The choice of screen depends on a number of parameters:

The standard screen used on all Delta video wall cubes offers unsurpassed contrast, wide viewing angles and superb centre-to-corner brightness uniformity. These screens have medium gains with excellent tolerance of temperature and humidity. They also have wide half gain viewing angles in both the horizontal and vertical directions.

The advanced screen design incorporates a Fresnel lens and two crossed prism Lenticular lenses, ensuring maximum brightness and minimum glare. The screens feature a unique glass back to prevent bulging and are extremely tolerant to high ambient light making them ideal for control room environments

However, as no one control room is the same, Delta offers a range of other screens to meet your specific requirements:

BB Screen:

These screens typically have very low gain (0.9 to 1.0) but provide excellent uniformity and high contrast levels. They are suitable for environments where the ambient light can be controlled and where ambient temperatures and humidity levels can be precisely controlled (these screens have high sensitivity to these parameters).

Glass backed screens (Cross Prism/ XPS Screens):

These screen have an anti-reflective glass front for environments where it may not be possible to control temperature & humidity. This ensures the screen does not bulge out even under constant variation in temperature & humidity.

High Gain Screen:

These screens boast high gain (2.0 to 4.5) but narrow viewing angles. They are suitable for spaces where the ambient light is high.

Custom Screens:

Custom screens can also be built to meet your specific requirements.

Screen gaps as low as 0.2mm

The screen technology employed by Delta offers inter screen gap which can be adjusted as low as 0.2 mm. Delta prides itself in the fact that it does not need any type of pin on stitch to be able to achieve this.


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