Pixel-Perfect alignment

The projection engine resides inside a specially designed enclosure which also holds the display screen. These Video-wall cubes are modular in nature allowing you to stack them both horizontally and vertically to form large displays of any size or form.

Video-wall Cubes are available in a range of sizes including 50″, 67″, 70″, 72″ and 80″. Custom-made sizes – including curved displays – can also be built to meet specific requirements.

The projection engine is mounted inside the cube on a six-axis adjustment base. This Six-adjuster base provides the ability to make precise geometric adjustments in six directions to obtain pixel-perfect alignment between individual Video-wall cubes.

This enables physical seams between screens of neighboring cubes to be adjusted to less than 0.2mm delivering a near-seamless picture.

Near seamless picture

Electronic adjustments can also be made afterwards for fine tuning at a pixel level.

For rear access cubes, the 6-axis base is provided with a manual adjustment. In front access cubes, this adjustment is motorized.


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