Camera-based Projection Blending System

Projector Auto Edge-Blending System

The system supports simultaneous blending of multi-projectors with intuitive image operations and management. The supported projection planes include different shapes such as arcs and cylindrical shapes etc., easily achieving even difficult irregular and dome projection surfaces and allowing the use of the lowest cost to bring about the most stunning visual effects.

Comprehensive display solutions are created using the most advanced auto edge-blending system with high brightness projectors and multimedia workstations. The system’s user interface is friendly, simple and intuitive. There are also graphical simulated adjustments for different projection shapes. Users can intuitively and easily perform seamless projection edge-blending, making it the best solution for small and medium sized conferences.

The traditional blending of multiple projectors requires complicated professional manual correction, making it very inconvenient whether for installation or maintenance. The auto edge-blending system does not require any fine geometric alignments, just follow the system’s direction to perform automatic analysis to produce the blended image. This makes it possible to save on alignment costs, simplify the system’s hardware and does not require any professional setting to satisfy the client’s needs.

Systems Features

The system supports multi-projectors with intuitive graphical operations and management. And the auto edge-blending system can make different projection shapes (flat, curve or cylindrical, etc.). Lowers manual alignment costs and simplifies the hardware installation device from the playback-end to the output-end, providing comprehensive and professional integration consulting.


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