SRIS – Virtual Desktop Technology

Virtual Desktop technology

Virtual desktop technology is key to creating super high resolution images. Delta Electronics developed a high-performance virtual desktop software that increases the processing capability to 102400 x 7680 pixels.
Available super high resolution processing techniques on the market and their pros and cons:

By integrating customer demands and technological capabilities, the SRIS employs high-performance virtual display driving technology with self-owned intellectual property rights at the front end to generate a virtual desktop with resolutions up to 102400 x 7680. The back end adopts the high-performance, embedded DVCS® display processors with a low consumption of less than 10W per node. The simple system architecture provides high performance, high reliability and significantly reduced power consumption. This network based control system is an ideal system for 24/7 operation.

Lossless Compression Technology

Super high resolution applications generally require displaying complex and detailed information using the native resolution of a video wall. Therefore, DELTA developed a high-performance lossless compression technology for super high resolution dynamic images, which is able to reduce the size of the data while retaining 100% of the pixels of the super high resolution image.


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