3D Projection Mapping

Bright night sky with a variety of elegance In recent years, 3D projection mapping technology has already become the new favorite of outdoor visual arts. Many international large commercial performances all use this method as the best promotion method. However, there are elements to consider including the projection area, projection distance and the three-dimensional degree… Continue reading 3D Projection Mapping

Controller and Streaming Player Solutions

Providing systems that are able to capture, transmit, display, record and control images using digital video streaming technology as a basis suitable for application such as TV walls and digital signage. Delta’s video streaming system is built on an Ethernet network. It can capture any video signal, encode it, compress it, and then transmit it… Continue reading Controller and Streaming Player Solutions

Camera-based Projection Blending System

Projector Auto Edge-Blending System The system supports simultaneous blending of multi-projectors with intuitive image operations and management. The supported projection planes include different shapes such as arcs and cylindrical shapes etc., easily achieving even difficult irregular and dome projection surfaces and allowing the use of the lowest cost to bring about the most stunning visual… Continue reading Camera-based Projection Blending System


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