Delta LED Displays at Abdul Kalam Technical University(AKTU), Uttar Pradesh

Date: July 7, 2021

AKTU Embraces the latest technological development in the display space by choosing to install Delta’s latest Indoor Active LED display for its Reception Area

Universities must display information about Programmes offered, vision and mission, achievements of students, Faculty Members details, University best practices and more. Posting all this information on bulletin boards near elevator walls or waiting areas creates clutter that can only add to confusion and can quickly become obsolete.

The solution is to streamline communication by using large active LED Displays or LED walls that presents information in a clear and organized manner. The LED display should be bright, vibrant and crisp that blend with University decor and meet university communication needs. The LED wall brings students, faculty and visitors together in an inspiring space with advanced technologies that help communication to reach the masses.

When one of the nation’s renowned university, Abdul Kalam Technical University (AKTU) was planning to upgrade its Lucknow Campus, the decision makers explored more efficient way to communicate up-to-date information to students, visitors and faculty members. Traditional printed posters on the walls high-value technical university communication, which aims to upgrade education, training and research in fields of technical education. And the clutter would distract from the warm and modern atmosphere they wanted to create.

Delta Displays with a demonstrated experience in LED industry helped AKTU decide on their display requirement. Based on viewing distance, LED with 3mm pixel pitch was finalized at the reception area which happens to be the most visited space. Delta installed an Indoor LED having 3mm pixel pitch with a size of 13.12 ft wide and 6.56ft high in a quick timeframe.

“The new LED display is an important part of the overall Student-Visitor experience,” commented Research Engineer at AKTU “It offers a more structured and reliable way to share right information at right time to the right audience. And post-installation, we feel that visitors and students are connecting better and reading them and it’s a much better way of sharing communication to masses.”

The university can now easily display targeted communications and real-time alerts to students, visitors and faculty members. Visitors can easily know about the university, the achievements and decide on their admission.


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