Managing Covid-19 Operations effectively at Mangaluru Smart City Command and Control Centre

Date: August 25, 2021

Delta video walls are widely trusted for providing highly effective solutions for mission-critical control centers. Among this segment, the most demanding is the Smart City Command & Control Centers where Video wall is integral for monitoring and management of the operations. One such prestigious center is the Mangaluru Smart City which has the proven ICCC infrastructure supported with live IoT based applications that can help handle any disaster. Mangaluru is among the leaders’ in Integrated Command and Control Centre (ICCC) implementation in Karnataka. Equipped with Delta Display solutions, the ICCC of Mangaluru Smart City is a significant component of the Smart City Project which is being used as a war room for the administrators to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Centre’s smart facilities against Disaster Management & Emergency Response are beneficial for monitoring, collecting, consolidating, and reporting real-time data on the pandemic. In addition to Disaster Management & Emergency Response, the major applications of the ICCC are Intelligent Transport Management System, Solid Waste Management System, Unified Messaging System, and Public Information System. Delta LCD video wall functions as a source to display a range of information like CCTV surveillance, smart city dashboards, real-time maps, news updates, live videos and more.

To assist in this endeavor, Delta has installed its state-of-the-art ultra-narrow Bezel LCD video wall, which offers one of the slimmest bezels in the video wall industry. The video wall in 4×2 configuration is powered with LED light source featuring a diagonal size of 55 inches. The panel delivers incomparable image quality in terms of resolution, brightness and contrast ratio with an extremely narrow bezel resulting in exceptional visual performance. It allows each display to be connected seamlessly, creating a powerful and impactful visual experience for control room operators, thus enabling the operators to monitor the movements with 24×7 assistance.

The ICCC installation will have a positive impact on the lives of citizens of Mangaluru. The city will be equipped to handle any kind of disaster through the proven ICCC Infrastructure with 24×7 monitoring. Along with Disaster Management & Emergency Response, other major IoT applications like: monitoring City Transport (Intelligent Transport Management System); City’s House to House garbage collection (Solid Waste Management System); Air Quality of the City (Environmental Sensors); City Surveillance (CCTV Cameras); Variable Message System; Public Address System (PAS); Geographical Information System (GIS); One Touch Mangaluru (Web) and other technology-enabled solutions are deployed and monitored 24×7 on Delta’s Video walls.


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