Delta and Vivitek shine at InfoComm China 2017, with a breath-taking 4K laser display solution

Date: April 12, 2017

Delta, the global leader in visual display solutions, will attend InfoComm China 2017, the foremost event for the international video and audio industry held at the China National Convention Center in Beijing on April 12-14. This international trade show and technology exhibition for audio-visual integrated equipment will bring global players together under the theme of “Boundless Innovation & Infinite Achievements”. At the event, Delta will showcase and share its innovative technology and solutions, including Delta’s fourth-generation Laser DLP Video wall, which fully supports a 4K screen display, the third-generation Distributed Vision Control System, DVCS, the Fine pitch HD LED Display, and a PGIS-based visual control and management platform. Vivitek, a brand of Delta will also unveil large venue, business, education and other product lines at InfoComm China 2017, showcasing its latest projection products and solutions.

Bold innovation and transforming new technology into smart applications is the driving philosophy behind Delta. In 2017, Delta continues to lead in the global visual market with the launch of its comprehensive and complete “4K solution” in image processing for visual displays. Delta also continues to enrich the diversification of display technologies to usher users into the era of ultra-high-definition imaging. New Delta products on display at the trade show include:

4K resolution laser DLP Video wall:
 knocking down laser technology barriers to achieve the best-ever image display solution, the fourth-generation laser DLP® Video wall by Delta introduces the industry’s only xtra-thin display to combine 4K quality with a brightness performance ranging from 2,500-4,000 lumens, and with a brightness uniformity greater than 98%. It features a highly-advanced embedded automatic calibration system and an automated monitoring mechanism to perform 24/7 real-time adjustments. Its high brightness, long lifetime, xtra-thin design, after-sales maintenance and even pre-sales fine-tuning are combined to offer high-end users the best possible solution on the market today.

DVCS, the third-generation Distributive Vision Control System: This system fully supports 4K signal input and output of the third-generation DVCS system, and builds on the advantages of second-generation delta products to create the most advanced digital signal processing (DSP) chip and large-scale Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA).

Fine Pitch HD LED Display: This brand-new Fine pitch LED Display of 1.5mm pixel pitch, takes Delta’s globally leading imaging technology and excellent quality to the next level. It comes with the five core-values: features of pre-sales tuning and installation, dual-system-dual-power, zero-noise operation, smart control and eco-friendliness, and offers true-to-life display and a very complete image display system package.

RU98013, the compact high-brightness laser device by Vivitek: This is slated to be one of the leading 20,000 lumens beamers in the industry, with a high brightness of 18,000 lumens, 1920-1200 resolution, a metal casing and a weight of less than 50 kg (25-60% lighter than similar products with similar brightness). The beamer is very suitable for use in the cultural and entertainment industry (theme parks), stage performances and leased for special events. Besides excellent colors, the device also boasts of a fully-sealed laser light source, very stable brightness control, a life cycle of up to 20,000 hours, 720-degree and full 3D applications, 24/7 continuous operation, and a variety of different projection ratios enabled by replaceable electric-powered lenses.

RK85013, the 4K resolution laser beamer by Vivitek: Offering UHD 4K (3840×2160) ultra-high resolution and 8,000-lumen brightness, this compact beamer weighs only 28 kg. This device is very suitable for use in the cultural and entertainment industry (theme parks), stage performances, and leased for special events. Over a 20,000-hour lifecycle, the beamer offers delicate imaging quality with nearly indiscernible pixels, a fully sealed laser light source and very stable brightness control. In addition, the RK85013 supports any 720-degree installation, 24/7 continuous operation, and eight different projection ratios enabled by replaceable electric-powered lenses to satisfy user requirements for ever higher image quality.

In addition to these differentiated, technology-leading beamers, Vivitek will also showcase a variety of exciting system solutions for different markets at InfoComm China 2017, such as two 18,000-lumen laser beamers for theme parks and stage performances that will track and integrate irregularly moving 3D objects in real-time, four 10,000-lumen, 90-degree projections stitched together for use in the cultural and entertainment industry, and a 4K projection solution embedded in a ball for use in planetariums, which will demonstrate the high level and stable quality of Vivitek’s projection technology.

The Delta booth will also showcase a wide range of industry applications based on the Internet of things, cloud computing and technology-leading data visualization applications, Participatory Geographic Information System (PGIS) applications and audio visualization solutions to meet needs in public security, traffic, smart cities, smart finance and energy. This showcase of scenery applications and signal management for a wide range of industries will demonstrate the functional excellence of Delta’s imaging solutions, differentiated for users of various scales in various industries. Industry representatives are cordially invited to visit our booth and experience Delta’s magic.


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