Delta Illuminates NCFTA with LED Lighting and 3D Display Solutions

Date: June 27, 2013

Delta today hosted a joint press conference with Taiwan’s National Center for Traditional Arts (NCFTA) to announce the center’s remarkable 2013 Summer Festival “66 Nights at the NCFTA” series. This summer Delta will provide special LED illumination to create resplendent nighttime scenery for NCFTA and will present the “3D Pili Glove Puppet Show” using advanced display system integration.

Delta’s LED lighting solution combines a software/hardware control system with an integrated power supply to highlight the natural landscape and rich riverside ecology and bring beautiful night scenery to NCFTA. Shimmering lights on the river and a star-studded sky perfectly complement the retro floats and vendors on “Night Market Street”. Together with a small bridge and trickling stream, the live scenery recreates the bustling ambiance of Zhang Ze-duan’s painting “Along the River during Qingming Festival”.

Delta has replaced more than 500 traditional bulbs at NCFTA with Delta’s energy-saving LED bulbs. The new LED bulbs save around 63% on the power bill. The average cost for every night’s LED lighting show is under NT$60; and the power bill for NCFTA is only NT$110 per day. Through its support for NCFTA, Delta offers visitors an unforgettable and energy-saving night.

The NCFTA’s 3D theatre Bonten Festival presents a traditional Taiwanese glove puppetry show with 3D effects provided by Delta’s display system integration. Using a 20,000 lumen Digital Projection (DP) Titan Super Quad projector, audiences can enjoy the 3D Pili glove puppetry show on a 440-inch screen


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