Delta Sponsors Ultra Marathon Runner Kevin Lin in the Gobi Desert

Date: June 24, 2013

– Kevin Lin, a renowned Taiwanese ultra marathon runner, set off from Bei’er Lake, Mongolia, for a nearly 40-day, 3,200 kilometer-long extreme adventure run across the perilous Gobi Desert. Despite Mongolia’s harsh summer weather in the desert, Lin will periodically upload high-definition videos and photos taken during the journey via satellite to his official website and share his challenges in the tough environment including water scarcity and extreme weather. Lin’s efforts aim to raise public awareness of water issues and the importance of environmental protection.

Sponsored by Delta Group, a video documentary of Lin’s Gobi adventure will participate in international movie festivals for the purpose of environmental education. To ensure video quality and a sufficient power supply for related devices throughout Lin’s journey in the Gobi Desert, Delta has provided its newly launched Innergie PocketCell Duo battery bank and the Vivitek Qumi Q7 HD LED portable projector as secret weapons for the team.

The PocketCell Duo is the world’s smallest dual USB 6,800mAh rechargeable battery bank. Approximately the size of two lipstick holders side-by-side, the PocketCell Duo features an impressive power capacity of 6,800mAh, and dual USB power ports that enable users to charge any combination of two tablets or smart phones simultaneously. Combined with a protection suite, the PocketCell Duo can provide Lin with a highly reliable power solution anytime, anywhere. The Qumi Q7 delivers up to 800 lumens and a 30,000:1 contrast ratio with an LED light source. It also features high definition (HD) and high resolution with large widescreen image projection of up to 107-inches that will enable Lin and his team to review daily videos on a large screen in his tent.


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