Cutting Edge Optics

Lens Design Technology The distinctive aspheric lens provides you the crispest picture, high quality with sharp focus and image stability. A perfectly uniform image is displayed across the entire Video wall with a wide angle perspective. The use of aspheric lens helps to overcome the big challenge of dealing with mono-chromatic and spherical aberrations. These… Continue reading Cutting Edge Optics

True Cube Redundancy

Redundant Power Supply Delta’s Video wall have in-built cube hot swappable & redundant power supplies which ensure high transfer efficiency and reduces power consumption by more than 10% as compared to the standard cubes. Modular design of power supply aids in quick & easy maintenance. Redundant power system also have two independent power input nets,… Continue reading True Cube Redundancy

Advanced Screen Design Options

In a Video wall, the screen is the last interface between the projected image and the operator. As such, choosing the right screen for your particular control room situation is critical to ensure optimal viewing for all operators. The choice of screen depends on a number of parameters: Ambient lighting conditions (this defines required brightness… Continue reading Advanced Screen Design Options

Pixel-Perfect alignment

The projection engine resides inside a specially designed enclosure which also holds the display screen. These Video-wall cubes are modular in nature allowing you to stack them both horizontally and vertically to form large displays of any size or form. Video-wall Cubes are available in a range of sizes including 50″, 67″, 70″, 72″ and… Continue reading Pixel-Perfect alignment

Unique color sensor design

To ensure the colors of individual Video wall cubes are well matched and a uniform image is displayed across the entire display, Delta incorporates an auto color & brightness calibration system or auto color and brightness tools based on a unique color sensor design. Design encompasses tolerances of all the optics With sensors positioned outside… Continue reading Unique color sensor design

Innovative lamp design

No mechanical motion during change over Delta’s lamp-lit video walls feature a unique dual lamp design in which both the lamps are mounted in a fixed position. This means that no mechanical motion is required during change-over, eliminating the risk of losing an image during a lamp switch. This offers the highest level of redundancy… Continue reading Innovative lamp design


LED illumination in a video wall offers you an array of performance enhancements – both in image quality and cost of ownership. By replacing the color wheel and UHP lamp with high power solid state light emitting diodes (red, green and blue LEDs) you achieve a much wider color gamut resulting in a much richer… Continue reading LED-Illumination

10-bit HQV Image Processing

Incorporating 10-bit HQV processing and SIMD (Simple Instruction Multiple Data) array with 3K processors, Delta’s image processing unit delivers you the most advanced processing for Video-walls available on the market today. Working at a rate of 1 trillion operations per sec, the processor scales all incoming signals to the native resolution of the Video-wall and then enhances the image,… Continue reading 10-bit HQV Image Processing

DLP® Technology

Delta rear projection DLP® video wall is powered by Texas Instrumemnts’ Digital Light Processing (DLP®) technology. Generating extraordinary image quality with incredible color depth and contrast, DLP® technology brings video images to life and enables detailed data to be read with ease – extremely important factors in a control room environment. 2 million hinge-mounted microscopic mirror At… Continue reading DLP® Technology

Video Walls

Video walls are multiple projectors or video monitors arranged to present either or both of a multiple image array or a single large image. Usually Video walls are based on back projection and are designed to ensure minimum gaps between two displays. Essential process needed by a video wall system is the ability to take… Continue reading Video Walls


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